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Hi, my name is Andrea. I think I should recieve the autograph poster of Chamique Holdsclaw because I love her so much. I don't just say that because she is an great basketball player, Chamique is a person who I really respect. I look up to Chamique. I know that I will probably never get the oppurtunity to meet her, and I would just like to have the oppurtunity to get an autograph even if it is not personally. Chamique is an great person on and off the court, she is also straight up about things and it is rare to see that type of person in these days. If I would recieve an autograph poster of my favorite basketball player ever, I would be the happiest person in the world. It would absolutely make my day. It would actually make my world better. I play basketball also and everytime I play I think of Chamique and her competitive ways. She has the mentality that we are not going to lose. And that is the mentality that I try to have. Please, Please let me win that autograph poster of Chamique. If I win that poster I will get it framed and take it everywhere I go. You think I am kidding, I am serious!!! It will bring luck not just to me but to my teammates. It will feel like she is actually there. I know I will take it to every game that I play in to make it seem like she is there cheering the team on. Please I am begging you to let me receive the autographed poster of my favorite basketball player. I never have begged for anything in my life, but I am begging for this because it is something that I really would want. I would really appreciate it!!