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I may or may not be Chamique's biggest fan but I know one fact for sure, she has a tight game. Her biography and my biography when I started playing basketball are somewhat alike. I grew up in a all boys neighborhood. In the summer all the boys did was play basketball. I had a basketball hoop at my house, so all the boys came to my house to play ball. The boys would rather pick up a sorry boy then pick up a little girl to play on their team. When the boys would leave I would practice my game, so that I could one day play with them. Finally, by my eldest brother , I got picked up to play a game one day and every since then, I have no problem getting chose to play. I've been following Chamique Holdsclaw's career since her freshmen year in college. I live in Ohio, but I have traveled a many distance just to see her play. I remember one game I went to, it was when Tennessee played against Kentucky at Kentucky. After the game, there was a lot of people including myself standing in a line wanting her autograph. She didnt even come out to sign any autographs, so I thought to myself, "she is a snob, she too good to sign autographs". Just so happen when i got outside, there she was about to get on the bus. My family and I yelled out to her, and she signed all of my famillies poster and things. At the time, I though she was a snob, but now I know, she was just doing what she had to do, people were mobbing her. I have not yet hit college, and people are constantly asking me for my autograph. I was a member of the Dayton Lady Hoopstars 13u team who was featured on the Disney channel this fall, "Totally Hoops". It seems like every where I go, I get reconized because of Totally Hoops. I guess it feels good to be reconized sometimes but it gets old, like I know it has for her. She is like the Allen Iverson in girls basketball, she can't be stopped. There has been people who compare me to the next Holdsclaw, but I'm just tryin to play ball to the best of my ability. LIke that WNBA commecial, I am trying to be the first me. Am I actually Chamique Holdsclaw's biggest fan, who knows? I have done research and read a lot of things about her growing up and all. But I know one thing, God, the head of my life, has blessd me with talent. And with this God giving talent , I'm not going to let it go to waste.

Ashley #32