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I am Chamique's #1 fan! Chamique has inspired me to play better basketball.

She has also inspired me religously, as you know she picked #23 not for Michael Jordan, but for Psalms 23 in the Bible. She has helped me become better at basketball as well as being a Christian. I believe that she has focused on her basketball skills along with keeping in touch with the Lord. I have watched her ever since she was a freshman at UT. I went to the games at Thompson Bowling Arena. I loved going and watching her play. I was there for her very last game, too. I didn't want her to leave UT, but she had made it to the WNBA. It's a great accomplishment to become a WNBA player, women made it possible, she has become one of those great women! I may not catch every game on t.v., but I hope I get to see her on t.v. a lot! CHAMIQUE RULES!!!!