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Hi my name is Derrel. How are you? Me just fine. I can't believe I writing to the person I like the most out of the whole WBA.

Now I've Been looking at your games all the time. and I like what I've seen. Sometimes I take some of your moves. That's kind of weird taking someone else moves but your my favorite Lady Basketball player. I read about you on your little sites. I like what you have do on and off the court.That is what makes me look up to you. I know poeple write to all the time. And tell you alot of what they are about.

So you now that you my name. I live in little San Diego, California I'm only in the 12th grade and my favorite sport is Basketball. The high I go to is Linclon High School. My grades are not collage level yet I'm avg 2.8. that's alright I guess. I know you had it hard living with you grandmother helping her out and everthing. That is how it is here mom and dad sent me to my grandmother and that's where I've been since I was 7 years old. But I feel like you in a way of what happen to me and you. I have alot of pictures of you on my floder and I show it off all the time. My teachers always call me Mr.Holdsclaw it makes me feel good. but any way I just wanted to tell you about my self and what I got of you.

I hope you don't think I'm a stalker or anything I just want to tell you how I feel I hope you can write back so that I know that I had been heard

Yours Truly,