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Hello, Chamique, This is Denotra, and I THINK I may be your biggest fan. The reason I say that is because I watch each of your games or read about it, if I can't watch. You are a big role model in my life. I played b-ball in high school and I thus far can only dream of being where you are. Although we are close in age, I kinda went astray from my lifelong dream, and I am happy to know that I keep on fighting to make my dream a reality. In high school, I was a outstanding player, my stats can prove that, I played point guard, and I was baaaaaaaaad!!!!!!!! My only problem was my background, I live down here in Ga, where spectators are rarely ever seen. I got some college offers, but due to my financial and state of being I had to decide between my family, meaning my younger sisters and brothers or going to school. Of course I chose them. I went to Albany State University, a D-2 school here in Albany,GA and I picked up right away that there was no way of my talents being discovered.There was plenty of talent here, I MEAN plenty!!! We had no chance. Most ended up coaching or just finding whatever work they could. Me, I took the short end of the stick....I dropped out. I regret it every day. I now am married and have 2,3 kids. And this big ol empty spot inside of me that show me where I could've been. Boy ,I miss those days playing ball and doing what i did best.I'm only 22 now so i know anything is possible. I won't give up!