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Hey wassup Chamique,

My name is Genielle Sykes, I am a 13 year old student at Laguna Creek High School, see education is important to me too. I was actually skipped up couple years back. Anyways, I know your busy so I'll make this quick, I am your biggest fan and not because I know all your stats or because your my favorite basketball player its because I think of you as a role model. For example, when I watch you on TV, I study your moves(when your playing) or I watch how you carry yourself. Which is rather well. I kinda model myself after you on the court because your very unselfish but know when to become possesive. I would love to have an autographed poster of you to put on my wall to show all my friends. I thank you for your time to read my email. please email me at Dele*** if I win. THANK YOU