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hey chamique! i just absolutely love you! i mean i have a million posters in my room of u. i even named my dog after u. i would love to have the autographed poster of u. i would probably fram it. i think i deserve it becuase no one is such a devoted fan to you then i am. i play high school ball myself and guess what my number is. of course, none other than #23. i went to lady vol camp last year and i thought u would be there but i guess i was a year to late. i hope i win this poster! i`m coming to the Washington Mystics game on the best friend and i are coming to cheer u on. it is her birthday and she wanted to spend it watching you on the floor. well, all i can say is i really really really want this poster and i would give anything to have this poster! please please please let me have it! good luck in your games! BYE!