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Hi, I just wanted to write to you. How have you been??? I've been okay with my two daughters. My oldest daughter, who is 2 years old right now, was named after you because I loved the way you play ball. I want her to look up to you as a role model because you play like a boy. That is very good I tell you. My name is Louisa and I live in Rocky Boy, Montana. I am only 18 years old and graduated high school this past May. I remember reading about you in a SLAM magazine of '98 before my daughter was born in October of that year. It was really cool. That inspired me to name my daughter after you. When I went to Washington, D.C. about two summers ago, I was trying to look for a jersey in my daughter's size but couldn't find one so I bought a big jersey. My daughter would wear the jersey to bed because she liked the way the fabric felt. She likes to play ball too. We got her a little basketball court. It is so cute. Her father's name is Clayton. We both decided on the name and I am so glad I named her that. Well write back if you can. See ya on tv.