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I think that I deserve the autographed poster by Chamique Holdsclaw because she is my idol. When I was in the eighth grade, I had given up all hope on basketball because my grades weren't so great and I was injured. I was put on academic probation and my parents were always stressing about my grades. But one day after I got home from school I turned on the tv and the Mystics were playing and I saw Chamique Holdsclaw with all of her grace on the court. During the halftime they did a report on her and she seemed like a really beautiful person. After I saw her in that halftime report I began to see more and more interviews with her and I began to know more about her and how she came to be such an outstanding player and person. After seeing Chamique, I was influenced to try my best and in the nineth grade, which was last year, I was the only freshman on the JV squad and I had the highest GPA on the team which as a 4.0. Now I try my best in everything I do and can only hope and pray that I can become as nice and sincere as Chamique. This year I plan to try-out for the team and just do what I know will benefit me in the games. I dedicate all of my success and skill to Chamique Holdsclaw because if I hadn't seen that game, then I probably would have given up on the sport that means the world to me now, BASKETBALL!

-Nedra C