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I know Chamique Holdsclaw has lots of fans. I am one of them. I recorded everything that has her in it since she was at Tennessee. I write her just about every month. Although she doesn't get my letters I still write. I have pictures and things al over my wall under a sign that say "Chamique Holdsclaw wall of fame." Everyone that i talk to know a lot about her because of me talking about her. I know her birthday, weight, height, position why she wears number 23 and much more. I know just about everything about her. I've been watching her since 1997 and will continue watichin her.

You may not think I am the biggest fan, but I do. I love to watch her play and I also love to read about her. I would be completely deadlock if I meet her. I would do anything for her and I don't even know here. I think I am Chamique Holdsclaw's biggest fan.

Nikita (nikki)