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Hi Chamique!!! or shall I say "Mique" I am a 14 year old African-American girl that is admired by the way you play basketball and from what I have heard and seen, you are a great person. At least that's what is shown on TV. Now, I know that you probably get tons of letters EVERY day saying how much people look up to you and also how they want to be like you when they grow up. And I guess you can say that I am one of those people but then again I am also different from them as well. When you first got drafted to the WNBA, to be honest, I didn't know who you were. It was one of my six grade teachers that told me who you were and what a great person you are, eventhough he doesn't know you. But then he told me that he heard a lot of positive things about you. He then said that if I continue to be who I am, you could make it to the WNBA just like Chamique Holdsclaw did. From then on I started watching you and the Mystics play bball. I know that there are and have been lots of ups and downs with the mystics but if you keep God in your mind and life, everything will be alright. If you ever get a chance to read this, I hope with all my might that this letter can touch you in some way and will inspire to keep being the Greatest Woman's Basketball Player Of All Time.(I hope that was no pressure.) Even when you mess up, I don't care because, we all mess up in different ways. I'm sorry that this letter had to be sooooooo long but I have never met you in my life and I guess if I were to ever meet you this is what I would say. And maybe challenge you to a game of bball cuz I myself play ball too. Just kiddin!:) but the part about playing ball is true. THANX!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):)

A girl who you have inspired to do whatever in life