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My name is Lanae I live in Arvada Colorado and I'm 14 years old. I know threes a lot of girls that are writing this to you soo I'm just going to say what I fell and how I am. I go to Arvada West High School and in two weeks I will be tring out for the JV or Freshmen basketball team. Last year I played in their Gold Crown and summer league teams.

Anyway the main reason I write this is because I've been watching, keeping score and learning from Miss Holdsclaw ever sence she was in Christ the King High School in New York and how they won four championships and she started Varsity as a freshmen. Ever sence I read that I've its been my goal in life right now to make the Varsity team. But now that I'm in High school I know that the Varsity teams were already picked form last year. So I'm going big, I'm going to try and prove that I have game during the season. I read that when Miss Holdsclaw was in the projects that the other girls that used to walk around used to make fun of her because she would be playing with the guys. When she first started she wasn't the best dribbler either, but she worked and practiced. She didn't just practice though because practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect Practice makes Perfect.

When she went to Knoxville, I knew for sure where I was going to go and what I wanted to work my butt off for. I've read every book but one that Coach Pat Summit has wrote. I'm reading Raise to the Summit right now for my Advanced Basketball class at school and I'm doing a report on that book and Chamique Holdsclaw On Family, Focus and Basketball. EVERYONE that knows me and even people that don't know me personally know that I'm all for basketball and they know my girl is Chamique number 23 for the Washington Mystics. I have posters, pictures, newspaper articles, magazines, and tapes of past games.

She's inspired me so much to keep working for what I want to get out of my life and what I need to focus on and the important things in life. She's helped me with family because I haven't threw anything like what she has but I have experienced my parents separating and more in uncomfortable situations.

I have tried to write a letter to Pat Summit however I've heard that I cannot contact a College coach. I have it all written out and ready. I've talked to my coaches now and well they say I hope you can pay the tuition, but (I hate being stuck-up or conceded or cocky) but what I said was I'm not going to need to pay because I'm going to be the next Chamique and I'll blow you all away after I show you my game. I told them that one Mr. Jordan, Miss. Holdsclaw and I will be standing in uniform on the front of a Wheaties cereal box. Of coarse we laughed, but I know deep down I can make it work if I keep learning and watching from my girl "the best" aka... female JORDAN.

I'm sorry this turned out to be long but I have been dyeing for this opportunity to talk about this out loud without being laughed at or put down. I'm not 100% worried about getting the poster DON'T GET ME WRONG I would go crazy if I did... Thank you so much for your time

Arvada, Colorado
p.s thank you much for your inspireation..and GOOD LUCK :) this season you can count on me watching!! :)