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I am Chamique Holdsclaw's biggest fan because she inspires me to do my best and overcome all of my obstacles. She taught me to be independent and don't listen to what other people say and to just be myself. Ever since I first heard of Chamique, I have been a fan. I have read her book, looked up everything on her and learned how to shoot a better jumper. I've studied her moves and tried to learn them and ever since that I have been in the local newspaper almost every week for being the high scorer in the game. My mom says you would be the best idol for me to have if I want to go to Tennessee College and achieve my goal and make it to the WNBA. Also I am doing a project in my Gifted class on my idol or my inspiration for why I play basketball and I would really love a poster of you to show to my teacher.

Sincerely Your Biggest Fan