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Hello Chamique!

I am your #1 fan because I just love to watch you play! I play basketball too! I hope to be on the Washington Mystics someday. I have alot of trophys for basketball. I know it's not about the fame, trophys, or money but I just wanted to tell you about my basketball trophys. I am being scouted right now by a highschool coach. I am only in 8th grade and i'm 13. I hope I am not to young. Well my name is Sarah and I live in Arizona. I love all the moves you do! They are so cool. I wish to be just like you! You are my favorite basketball player ever in history! I wish I could come to your games but Washington is so far away and we don't have the money right now. Did you know that you are my hero? Well you are! I wanted to tell you that you are the coolest person ever! I don't know if you will get this message since more than a million people are writing in, but I just hope that you do. It is very important to me. I wish you a Merry Christmas and I wish to see you sometime. I hope I get your poster so I can be reminded by you when im in trouble because I will always know that your my hero and you will always be near me, even if your not. I know your not God but your a very special person to me. I hope that everyone knows that. I want to tell everyone about you throughout the world. Well I gotta get going! Well Merry Christmas! I will talk to you later ( I hope). Well bye!

Sarah H.