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Dear Chamique,

I just got finish reading the book you wrote "My Story". The book was great. I really love the game of basketball, and you really inspired me. I am a sophomore and I play for Dickinson High School in Jersey City, close to your hometown. My dream is to become a pro basketball player(WNBA), or be a pediatrician. Our basketball season didn't start yet, but it's right around the corner. I just can't wait because I will be playing varsity this year 2001-2002.

When I think about the things you've been through your whole life, I can kind of relate to it. With the kind of family I have and all. I play basketball 24/7, and half of the time it's very cold too. When I think about playing for college, now I can know what to expect. I know everyone is not the same, but I'll still have to be tough. I try and stay strong and tough for my team and be a leader. We go through a lot of tough times, but like your Coach in college said,"Tough times don't last, but tough people do." I agree 100 percent. But Mique I can imagine your little self on the court when you were younger. The picture from the book helps a lot. Also I think your little cousin Kassala is adorable in the picture, I'm sure she's much bigger now. But anyway, sometimes I doubt myself about playing bball. But after reading your book I believe in myself 100% more than I did before. Thanx a mill! Oh and I look forward to meeting you someday, my new rolemodel. holla back girl!

P.S. You'll read about me someday in the newspaper. Look out.

Your new friend,