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Washington Mystics All-Star forward Chamique Holdsclaw joined for a live chat on Monday, August 12 taking a break form her quest to compete All The Way To Labor Day!

Holdsclaw, who is averaging career-highs in several statistical categories, has just lead the Mystics to their first playoff appearance since the 2000 season and tickets are on-sale now, click here for more information.

A three-time All-Star known for her versatility, Holdsclaw leads the Mystics in both scoring (20.4 ppg) and rebounding (11.3 rpg) this year.

Holdsclaw's on-court success isn't limited to the WNBA. As the University of Tennessee's all-time leading scorer and rebounder (male or female) with 3,025 points and 1,295 rebounds, Holdsclaw helped lead the Lady Vols to three consecutive National Championships. Holdsclaw also helped the United States capture the gold medal at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

If you missed the chat, here is the transcript!

We would like to give a special welcome to all the Neighborhood Network participants logging on for today's chat.

D.C.: Who has the graetest sense of humor on the team?

Chamique Holdsclaw: I would say we have one of hte funniest teams in the league. Latonya Washington and Muriel Page are two of the funniest.

Gala (Cincinnati, OH): Hi Chamique...let me first congratulate you on your tremendous performance since coming back from your injury. I'd like to know how you think the Mystics will perform against the West in the WNBA Finals. Also, do you I do...that if you were able to play in the All-Star game, the East would have been able to pull off a victory? Thanks for your time and good luck in the playoffs.

Chamique Holdsclaw: Thank you. I think our team has been very focused. First we have to take care of our conference, then we can work towards taking care of the Western Confrence in the playoffs.

J. Henderson - Centreville, VA: Congratulations on the win yesterday!! As a season ticket holders since the Mystics have been in DC, I've very excited about our opportunity to dominant in the East, what do you have to do to contain the three towers in New York and the good ball handlers at Charlotte? Let's make sure we play every game from start to finish.....

Chamique Holdsclaw: I think we just have to focus our energy on the defensive end. It won't be just one player, it's gonna take a team effort.

dee dee, st. louis: Do you feel that there is any player in the league that can stop you one-on-one?

Chamique Holdsclaw: I think I've been blessed to have a lot of versatility. I can go outside or inside and that allows me a bunch of different options.

michelle, saginaw: It maybe far-way from now, but are you planning on playing in the 2004 Olympic Games?

Chamique Holdsclaw: That's a long way's off. Right now, I'm focused on the job at hand, which is to win a WNBA Championship. When the time comes, I'll think about that.

freeda, d.c.: Does your game rise when you play home at madison square garden and if so, how would you explain that extra rush?

Chamique Holdsclaw: I think it's more, it's like you're playing in the Mecca of basketball. It's nice and dim in the arena with the bright lights at center court. There's a real adreneline rush when you get out there.

gina, detroit: How many years are you planning on playing what are you plans to do after you play in the WNBA?

Chamique Holdsclaw: Right now I'd like to play as long as the Lord blesses me. Afterwards, I'd like to do something with my degree and I'm looking to develop some interests after. I have a degree in Political Science.

pat, london: What do you guys do over the winter and is it a long winter to wait to play?

Chamique Holdsclaw: A lot of players play overseas. And players in the states sometimes get some part time jobs. I'm usually pretty booked with public appearances. And when I can, I train hard during those nine months.

julie, sacramento: When the team went on it's losing streak, what if anything did you say to the team?

Chamique Holdsclaw: I just told them that sometimes in life you have to have a breakdown to break through. When you're losing, those are the times when you build character that helps you win championships. During the tough times you just have to be persistant.

Woodville: You have already captured three NCAA championships under your belt.You could capture a WNBA title this year. Describe the emotions going through your head.If the Mystics win, will this be the highlight of your basketball career?

Chamique Holdsclaw: Defintely, because in college we were so successful. In the WNBA, it's been up and down. So to go out and take things to another level for a championship, that would definitely be a great reward!

Deena (MD): Congratulations on making the playoffs and Happy Belated Birthday! Where is your favorite hang out spot in DC?

Chamique Holdsclaw: I love going to restaurants. There's a Japanese restaurant I love. I like Club life, like going to Dream.

ML (Tennessee): Hi Chamique. What do you think of your former Lady Vol teammates, Michelle Snow and Tamika Catchings play in their rookie year. Thanks for making this a great year for Mystics fans. Good luck in the playoffs

Chamique Holdsclaw: I think both have done a tremendous job. Especially Tamika. She's playing like an MVP, especially after the surgery. And Michelle is definitely coming along. She'll get better with the more experience she gets.

Dave: Everyone is talking about how you probably would have been voted MVP if you hadn't missed 12 games. If you are not voted MVP, who do you think should win the award?

Chamique Holdsclaw: I think either Sheryl Swoops or Tamika. Coming off knee surgery and doing what she did. She's gonna help her team so much, with Houston coming out of the East.

Malaney (Greensboro): First, I just want to tell you I love you!!!! Do you think the reason the team has struggled a bit down the strech is because they're little tired now? Is Coach Stanley taking it easy on you guys in practice?

Chamique Holdsclaw: Whenever a team gets into a slump, there's a tendency to make excuses. I think when you get down you just have to pick it up and ask yourself what can we do to take this team back up to another level.

Falls Church,VA: How do you feel about missing most of the all-star games due to injuries and at the same time you are the eastern top vote-getter? From: Manal and the Big Family (remember us)

Chamique Holdsclaw: This season I was disappointed. The team was playing well. Plus, the game was in Washington! I was a little disappointed. I would like to think if I would've played, we would've won.

Tiffany: What is your best piece of advice for a Christian athlete?

Chamique Holdsclaw: The best advice I'd give is just be persisitent. When you get knocked down you have to just pick yourself back up. Nobody's perfect. That's advice for both basketball and life.

Mike (Laytonsville): Chamique: You've had phenomenal success on the court and off. Who (or what) was your inspiration during your academic years at the University of Tennesses?

Chamique Holdsclaw: During my academic years, it was Coach Summit staying on me. She said if I can be an A+ basketball player, I can be an A+ student. But also my grandmother. She made me promise to get my degree.

Larry (washington): What do you plan to tell your teammates, so that they understand with a win on Tuesday you ladies get off until sunday to rest injuries?? I know you could need the rest. :-)

Chamique Holdsclaw: I don't have to tell them anything. Right now everyone is giving everything they have. They don't need me to tell them; everyone's ready for what's ahead.

Chamique Holdsclaw: Thanks for the support in the WNBA and the Washington Mystics and hopefully this years playoffs will be an exciting time.