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Life Isn't All About Basketball

While Chamique worked on her game, her grandmother worked hard to support her and her cousins. Mrs. Holdsclaw worked at the hospital and at part-time jobs to make sure that Chamique could go to a private school and get a good education. Chamique went to high school already labeled as a great basketball player, but her grandmother emphasized that there was more to life than basketball. Knowing it was for the best, Chamique soon adjusted to her grandmother's rules. She had to do her homework right after school and attend church every Sunday. As her grandmother liked to say, "That's why you are who you are." Her grandmother's instruction got good results as Chamique did well not only on the court but also in the classroom. She led her high school basketball team to an unprecedented four straight championships. Soon, many colleges were recruiting her. She eventually chose the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.