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Life Isn't All About Basketball

As the all-time leader in points and rebounds at the University of Tennessee, Chamique Holdsclaw certainly knows how to play the game of basketball. Holdsclaw, who was also the WNBA rookie of the year, also knows that sports are not the only thing in life.

When Chamique was eleven years old, her parents separated, and she went to stay with her grandmother, June, in Queens, New York. Although her grandmother's house was only fifteen minutes from her parent's house, the move left her without her old friends. During her first summer living with her grandmother, Chamique hung around with her older cousins. One of her cousins liked to go to the local playground, and she would follow along. She would watch her cousin and his friends play basketball all day. After they finished, Chamique would go on the court and play basketball by herself. After a while, the players at the court noticed that she could really play. Soon, she was playing basketball with her cousin and his friends, and honing her skills against good opponents.